Special Notice.

TUTORING in History 1.

C. E. WHITMORE, JR.,51 College House.FURNISHED ROOMS for Class Day and Commencement. Suite of three rooms and bath-room, with board. Five minutes walk from Harvard Square. Apply at 5 Hilliard St.

tfSEMINAR. - Political Economy 4. Notes and Selections carefully reviewed, Monday, June 13., 2.30 and 7.30 p. m.

Fee, $3.



4 Stoughton.A LARGE old-fashioned house at Annisquam, comfortably furnished, including excellent piano, will be let for the season to a private family. Rent $300. Address H., care Leavitt & Peirce's.

ROOMS. - A lady of experience has leased 50 B, Kirkland St., and rooms can be engaged now for fall; also rooms for summer students,

94-6t.POLITICAL ECONOMY 1. - I shall begin to tutor a section in Cairnes Monday at 2 p. m. Seminars in A and B on Wednesday.

J. A. BAILEY.POLITICAL ECONOMY 4. - The course will be reviewed this evening at 7.15 p. m. in Manter 2. Please bring "Topics and References." Fee $3. Gentlemen will confer a favor by not opening accounts for reviews.

W. W. NOLEN.NEXT College year and summer season. Very desirable rooms suites and single, furnished or unfurnished. Fireplaces and all modern improvements to be had at 50 Kirkland Street. Apply at once.

THERE is an opportunity for a club table of fourteen University men for next year at the Refrectory of the Episcopal Theological School. Please apply at 13 Lawrence Hall before June 14.

4tGERMAN A, B, C, 1a, 1b, 1c, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; E, French A, 1a, 1b, 2; Tutoring. Also tutoring with conditioned men and for entrance. Is willing to go away tutoring.

J. M. KAGAN '94,ry

10 Church St.WANTED. - A good talker to make a local canvas during vacation. Address P. J. Glynn, room 4, Franklin Block, Marlboro, Mass.