The Freshman Crew.

The freshman crew had its last practice on the Charles Saturday for this year. They rowed over the two mile race course for speed and made good time. The boats, two shells and a pair-oar, were sent off this morning at 3 o'clock. The crew leaves for New London this afternoon on the 2.05 train from the Providence depot, arriving at their destination about five o'clock and, if possible, they will immediately take a practice spin on the Thames. From then on till the race on the 29th, they will row twice a day. F. N. Watriss goes down with the crew this afternoon and will lend his services as coach for a week. Jones will go to New London Tuesday night and take the active training till the race.

The crew has been unfortunate in the number of changes which they have been obliged to make among the substitutes. After two good men had been chosen both were obliged to stop rowing, Lambert took up the place and is doing well. Murchie, Irving and Stackpole were tried, and Stackpole chosen as second substitute; but Dr. Sargent withheld his consent, and so Murchie will fill the position.

This year's freshman crew has made a better record than any freshman crew for some years. Apart from its prospects on the race, the crew will go down with all its expenses paid. The management has worked hard and has at last collected the necessary amount to carry the crew through the season. It has been no easy task and the manager deserves great credit. Then, also, by this means, the crew is enabled to go to New London a week earlier than many freshman crews.

The men are all in good condition and are back at the proper weight. Their success, if won, will be well deserved and hard fought for. Ninety-five should realize the hard work of its crew and will have an opportunity to show its appreciation by giving them a good send-off. They leave the Square at about 1 this afternoon. The men who compose the crew are as follows:

Pos. Age. y. m. Ht. ft. in. Wt.


W. C. Cameron, Bow, 20.10 5.11 1-2 151

H.H. Richardson, 2, 19.9 5.8 1-2 153

W. M. Briggs, 3, 20.6 5.7 151

A. C. Potter, 4, 18.10 5.10 1-2 167

V. Grant, 5, 21.6 5.8 1-2 172

S. F. Eddy, 6, 18.11 6 1-2 179

J. Purdon, 7, 19.3 5.8 1-2 152

F. Davis Jr., Stroke, 19.10 5.10 158

H. Frazier, Cox., 20.3 5.05 107

Sub., E. B. Lambert, 19.9 5.7 138