The 'Varsity Crew


Harry Keyes came last Wednesday afternoon. It is impossible for me to use words that would express the feeling of delight that filled the heart of every crew man as they saw him coming towards the float. Cheer after cheer sounded across the river from the throats of eleven earnest men. It is needless to say that every man is working at his best to do everything that the coach desires; and if the crew does not win it will not be because they have not tried card to learn to row but because they could not in the length of time learn to do what they are told.

Since one has an examination every day and every one has examinations to prepare for. It is a busy and hard working lot of men here now. The rowing and studying take all the spare time.

Mr. Keyes is doing a good deal of pairoar work with the men at present. The water was so rough that the shell was put into the water but once yesterday.

The weather has been quite cool here since the crew came, and it is such a contrast to that in Cambridge that the men cannot help doing their best, especially when they realize that they will row against a very fast crew.

All expect to see the Yale crew in the river tomorrow.


The Columbia launch has been seen two or three times and we expect to see their freshman crew any time.