THE Class Day officers will find their caps at the store of the Co-operative Society. These will be worn on Sunday, June 19.

HARVARD FENCING CLUB. - The photograph of the club will be taken at 12.30 sharp on Friday, June 17, at the back of the Library. Every member should be present.

'92 CLASS FUND. - The first instalment for the '92 Class Fund must be paid before Saturday, June 18. Checks may be made out to the treasurer, Thos. W. Lamont, or may be paid to any other member of the Class Committee.

YOUNG Men's Christian Association. - The farewell meeting will be held this evening at 6.45. All members of the University are invited.

CRICKET CLUB. - There will be a meeting of the Cricket Club this evening at 7.30 in 2 Holyoke House, for the election of officers.


C. T. R. BATES, Sec.HIST. 13. - Special report No. 6. Hours for conference - today from 2 to 4; next week, Monday from 2 to 4; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9 to 10.