THE CRIMSON. - The last regular meeting of the CRIMSON board will be held at 1.30 today.

PHILOSOPHY 3. - The theses and blue-books in Philosophy III. and XII. may be obtained today in University 16. The marks upon the blue-books indicate the rank for the year.

PHILOSOPHY 1. - The students from A-J (inclusive) will have their examination today in Lower Mass., and from K-Y in Upper Mass.

CLASS OF 1890. - The members of the Class of 1890, in Cambridge and vicinity, are going to hold a Subscription Dinner at the Parker House, Wednesday, June 22, at 7 p. m. All old members of the class are invited to be present, and requested to extend this notice as far as possible. Any men who intend to come will please send word on or before Wednesday, to Joseph W. Lund, 25 Hollis, Cambridge.