Promenade Concert.

The following is the programme for the Promenade Concert, this evening:

1. March, "La Prophete," Meyerbeer

2. Selection, "La Fille du major," Tambour-Offenbach

3. Waltz, "Artists' Life," Strauss

4. Selection, "Brigands," Offenbach

5. Prelude, "Lohengrin," Wagner

6. Barcarolle, from "Le Comte mann," d'Hoff-Offenbach

7. Ballet Music, "Henry VIII," Saint-Saens

a. Gipsy Dance."

b. "Gigue."

8. Selection, "La Grande Duchess," Offenbach.

9. Overture, "Orpheus," Offenbach

10. Waltz, "Pesther," Lanner

11. Loin du Bal, Gillet

12. Persian March. Strauss