HISTORY 12. - Keys to Historical Reading Room, Harvard Hall. Students in History 12 and others may return keys at Harvard 2 on Thursday or Saturday between 12 and 1.

4-2tCHARLES RIVER BANK. - The Charles River Bank will open at 8 o'clock in the morning instead of 8.30, for the rest of June.

THE Prospect Union would be glad to let one furnished room for three months, or during the session of the summer school.

The Union needs various articles of furniture, etc., to complete its equipment for next year. Will any students about to leave Cambridge who are willing to contribute any chamber or study furniture, pictures, etc., for this purpose, please communicate with C. C. Closson, Jr., 59 Matthews Hall.

THE following men have not yet removed their gowns from the store of the Co-operative Society: Amory, Alter, F. Ames, Draper, Lloyd, Gray, Hamblin, E. Lincoln, Lythgre. R. Norton, Rogerson, Shea and Wrenn. They should obtain their gowns today. There are one or two extra gowns for sale, in case any senior has neglected to procure one.


ARTHUR R. CRANDELL,Chairman, C. D. C.ALL 'varsity crew collectors will finish up work and send money to S. C. Davis, New London, Conn.

O. K. - Strawberry Night. Initiation of second eight in 5 Holworthy, Wednesday, June 22d, at 8.30.



CLASS COMMITTEE.DEUTSCHER VEREIN. - Members who have not paid their dues are earnestly requested to do so at once.

S. L. WOLFF, Treas.