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The membership of the Weld Boat Club is now over 330.

A girls' gymnasium, a professors' club house and a hospital are being built for the Leland Stanford University.

The University of Chicago has begun the granting of scholarships by offering twelve, to twelve of the high schools of Chicago.

President Low of Columbia awarded the prizes at the games at St. Paul's on Tuesday.

The sum of $250,000 has recently been bequeathed to the United States government to erect a memorial hall at the West Point Military Academy.

Davis, the captain of the Andover athletic team, will enter Yale next fall. Sayer, the captain of the Exeter team, intends to enter Harvard.

Holy Cross is soon to have one of the largest college buildings in New England. It will have a gymnasium in the basement, while the upper stories will be divided into dormitories and recitation rooms.