Fact and Rumor.

The Yale classes of '82, '86, and '89 will have special cars at the Harvard-Yale boat race.

Bob Cook, it is said, will go to New London with the Yale crew.

The gymnasium is now open in the evening only until eight o'clock.

The Andover-Exeter Athletic contest comes off at Exeter this afternoon.

Ben. J. Worman has completely recovered from his injuries and returned to Cambridge this week.

The New Haven Register recently contained a criticism of the Harvard crew, with cuts of the men.

Professor Goodwin has revised and rewritten his Greek Grammar, and a new edition will be issued in June.

Forty members of the senior class of the Yale Law School have registered for the Connecticut state bar examinations.

The new dormitory at the University of Pennsylvania, to cost $125,000, will be the largest college dormitory in the United States.

There will be an extra examination in Geology 8 for those men who are going upon the United States Geological survey this summer.

Prof. Lyon leaves this morning for Alabama where he will deliver the baccalaureate address at Howard College next Wednesday. He will remain in the South several weeks.

Mr. Edward Everett Hale Jr., Harvard '83, has accepted the professorship of English literature in the Iowa State University. He was assistant professor at Cornell for two years, and has recently been studying in Europe.

The University of the City of New York has bought a new lot of 20 acres, the total cost being $581,000. The present site will be kept, but the old building will be removed to the new lot. In course of time there will be erected on the new land a library, chapel, dormitories, etc.

Shortly after Commencement the apparatus in the old Yale gymnasium will be removed and the building will be altered and improved in various ways so as to make it a well appointed dining hall. All the waiters employed will be students. The maximum price of board will be $4.