Fact and Rumor.

Lampoon No. 8 comes out today.

Professor Briggs will be unable to keep his office hours today.

The U. of Penn. nine practised on the Boston League grounds yesterday morning.

The rooms of the Sigma Delta Chi, a Yale secret society, were burnt down on Monday. The damage will amount to $2500.

Re-unions of the following Yale classes will beheld at New Haven this Commencement: '42, '47, '52, '57, '62, '67, '72, '77, '82, '86, '89.


Marks and themes in English 12 may be obtained from Professor Wendell on Wednesday, June 15. He may be in his room today.

The Yale freshman crew received their new suits on Saturday. The suits are of dark blue with a white "'95" across the front of the shirts.