Game Today.

Harvard will play one of her more important games of the season, with the University of Pennsylvania nine, on Holmes Field this afternoon at three p.m. The game will have especial interest for Harvard men since this nine has so recently played with Yale and Princeton, as well as many of the nines with whom Harvard has contested this year. According to the summary of games, in which Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania have played the same teams, it will be seen that Harvard has made almost a third as many runs again as Pennsylvania. In 13 games Harvard has made 93 runs, to 39 of their opponents. In twelve games with almost precisely the same teams, the University of Pennsylvania made only 60 runs to 44 of their opponents. However during the first part of season, Bayne proved a complete puzzler to our men, and they beat us 13 to 9. On the 16th of April, five days after they beat us, they beat Yale 6 to 2, and on the 27th they beat Princeton 6 to 0. On the 7th of May we beat Princeton 11 to 5; on the 16th Princeton beat University of Pennsylvania, 8 to 1. Monday, with the battery for Yale, Bowers and Kedzie, and for U. of P., Lansing and Bayne, the former won easily by a score of 5 to 1. Thus today's game may give some idea of our chances with Yale.

Pennsylvania has played the following games:

Apr. 9, U. of P. vs. Amherst, 14 to 2.

Apr. 13, U. of P. vs. Dartmouth, 0 to 8.

Apr. 16, U. of P. vs. Yale, 6 to 2.


Apr. 23, U. of P. vs. Fordham, 12 to 5.

Apr. 27, U. of P. vs. Princeton, 6 to 0.

Apr. 30, U. of P. vs. Lehigh, 1 to 7.

May 5, U. of P. vs. Wesleyan, 3 to 2.

May 11, U. of P. vs. Lehigh, 3 to 4.

May 16, U. of P. vs. Princeton, 1 to 8.

May 18, U. of P. vs. Lehigh, 9 to 4.

May 23, U. of P. vs. U. of M., 5 to 1.

Harvard has played as follows:

Apr. 7, Harvard vs. M. A. C., 7 to 0.