English VI.

Debate for Thursday, Jan. 5, 1893.

Question: Resolved, that Utah should be admitted at once to the union without any special restrictions.

Brief for the Affirmative.


Best general references: H. H. Bancroft's History of the Pacific State, XXI. (Utah); Reports of Utah Commission, 1889-92 (in Reports of Sec'y of Interior: also separately bound); Reports of governor of Utah, 1890-91; Forum XII. 368-375 (Nov., 1891);

I. A territory has a moral right to admission when qualified.-(a) In general.-(1) Taxation without representation; Stilman, Mormon Question, 9-(2) Local self-government abridged; Curtis before Supt. Ct Snow v U. S. in error.-(b) Utah-(1) Fultills the usual conditions: Repot of Gov. +++ Sec. Int., 1890, p. 8-(2) Mormon religion no obstacle, U. S. Constitut. Amendment I.


II. The general conditions of Utah justify her admission: Gov. of Utah, Rep't, 1890.-(1) Public finances: Bancroft's Hist. XXI, Chap. XXVI.-(b) Trade and industry: Bancroft XXI Chaps. XXVII. and XXVIII.-(c) Natural resources: Gov. Utah, Rep't. 1890, p. 17.

III. The Mormons are not objectionable: Bancrof's XXI. Table of Contents.-(a) Polygamy: No. Am. Rev., Vol. 150. p. 330-350 (March 1890)-(1) Has been effectively abolished: Forum XII. 368: Utah Commission, 1892, Minority Rep't.-(2) Can best be prevented by Const. Amendment: Utah Commission, Rep't. 1889: (p. 769 in Rept. of Sec. Int., 1899').-(b) Mormons are industrious and law abiding: Bancroft's Hist. Utah, pp. 394 and 687.-(c) Mormons are decreasing in strength: Rept. Gov., 1890; Forum XII. 368.

Brief for the Negative.


Best general references: House Reports, 50 Cong. 2 sess. (1888-89) No. 4136; Report Utah Commission, 1887; Utah Statehood.

I. Experience shows Utah to be unfit for statehood: Colfax and Taylor. Mor monism 11 et seq-(a) Institutions not republican, but theocratic-(b) People ignorant and in complete subjection-(c) Institutions polygamous.-(d) They sanction crime and evasion of law: Disloval teachings of Mormon Hierarhv, p. 10-(e) Opposed to Federal authority: Utah Commission, 1887, p. 11.

II. Present guarantees are insufficient.-(a) The only proposed constitution impracticable: R. N. Baskin, Argument against Admission Utah-(1) Disingenuous-(2) Limits state sovereignty: House Report, supra, p. 68-(3) Public sentiment does not support it.-(4) Judiciary in the hands of the Mormons.-(b) Mormons untrustworthy and unyielding: Utah Commission, supra 11.-(c) Movement toward statehood a last resort: Baskin, supra 3 et seq.

III. Admission is against the best interests of the territory.-(a) Non-Mormons unanimously opposed to it: Utah Statehood, 15-(b) Invested capital of outsiders endangered-(c) Peace and order menaced.