Harvard 52, williams O.

The 'varsity eleven defeated Williams on Jarvis Field Saturday afternoon by a score of 52 to 0. Williams played a fairly steady game, but was not used to the strong team play shown by Harvard and could make little or nothing against it. There was one exception to this. Toward the end of the first half her eleven began some sharp, aggressive work and slowly forced the ball toward Harvard's goal. Time was called, however when the elevens were lined up on the 25 yard line. There was only one other period when Harvard's goal was threatened. The ball was well into Williams territory when Draper found a hole in the rush line and went tearing down the field. Hoag alone was between him and a touchdown, but he tackled well and Newell came up from behind at about the same instant.

The features of Harvard's game were the fine interference and the long runs by the halfbacks. Gray made gains of 10, 15, 18, 45 and 65 yards; Waters of 10, 15, 20 and 65; Dunlop three of 10, and two of 15; and Corbett of 10, 25 and 75. The last one did not count, however, owing to holding by the Harvard rushers. Baldwin also made a pretty run of 35 yards.

The defensive work was good, with the exception of that shown in the end of the second half, when Williams was pushing Harvard down the field. The fault here lay with the left side of the line. Williams gained little on the right. The Harvard ends and tackles were down on the ball well and twice took advantage of Draper's fumbles to score a touchdown.

In the second half the entire left side and centre was substituted by Whittren, Connor, Parker, and Winslow, who gave up his engagement with the B. A. A. eleven to relieve Lewis. Dunlop and Corbett were put in place of Gray and Hoag. The playing in this half was quite as good as in the first.

The elevens lined up as follows:


A. Brewer, left end, Le Groat.

Whittren, left end, Le Groat.

Baldwin, left tackle, Townsend.

Connor, left tackle, Townsend.

Acton, left guard, Ogilvie.

Parker, left guard, Ogilvie.

Lewis, centre, Perkins.

Winslow, centre, Perkins.

Mackie, right guard, Sawtelle.

Newell, right tackle, Heald.