'96, 12; C. M. T. S., 6.

The practice game between ninety-six and the Manual Training School yesterday afternoon was characterized more by slugging than good football. The work of ninety-six was very ragged and showed no improvement over previous games. The Training School made most of her gains through the tackles and guards. The work of the backs was good, considering the fact that they received no assistance from the interferers. The Training School scored on a fluke, ninety-six fumbling the ball in a V. The following men played:

'96. C. M. T. S.

Selfridge, right end, Chafe.

Roman, right tackle, Vaughan.

Thomas, right guard, Suhr.

Fox, centre, Burnett.

Paine, left guard, Warren.

Kane, left tackle, Murphy.

Duff, left end, Hopkins.

Borden (capt.) quarterback, Morse.

Harrison, halfback, Jewall.

Mann, halfback, Sullivan.

Hayes, fullback, Grant.

Umpire, Shea. Referee, Harland. Time, 30 min.