English C.


1. Ought passenger's baggage to be exempt from duty?

2. Was the Massachusetts Government Act of 1774 constitutional?

3. Was Franklin's conduct in regard to the Hutchinson Letters honorable?

4. Was Charles Lee a traitor?

5. Has a nation the right to protect its property on the high seas?

6. Was the General Winslow's treatment of the Acadians justifiable?

7. Has the importance of the Popbam Colony been exaggerated? (See N. C. H.)

8. Was Captain Kidd a pirate?

9. Will the fame of J. R. Lowell rest ultimately more on his poetry than on his criticism?

10. Should the West End railway be allowed to run electric cars on Brattle street?

11. Did Mr. Quincy in his speech before the Mass. Reform Club justify his consular appointments?

12. Should the robbing of railway trains be made a capital offence?

13. Should some form of the Referendum be adopted in Massachusetts?

14. Should the purchasing clause of the Sherman Silver Act be unconditionally repealed?

15. Should a rule limiting debate be adopted by the U. S. Senate?

16. Is the present liquor law of South Carolina wise?