'Varsity, 6; Graduates, 0.

There was a great deal of fumbling and weak offensive work by the 'varsity in yesterday's game. The graduate team could hardly be expected to make much headway without any team work, but they were able to hold the 'varsity altogether too often. The ease with which Hallowell broke through the interference shows that it is too weak to be worth much in a big game. Gray played the best game of the backs, but had to do so much interfering on his own account that he was not able to show up at his best. Wrightington is quick to see chances but is not as yet very effective in interference. Hoag had an off day and made several bad muffs of Corbett's punts. Fairchild and Foster were both tried at quarter. The men are so evenly matched that it is impossible to make a choice as yet. Manahan continues to play a strong game and sets the other men a good example in the determined way that he has of getting into every play. Emmons captained the team yesterday, and besides playing his usual steady game, did his best to infuse life into his men.

Upton and Corbett both played on the graduates' team. Upton is not yet at home at end and was frequently fooled by the interference. It was nothing, however, but what a little coaching and experience will remedy. Corbett did some beautiful kicking and ran well, but showed once or twice a dangerous indecision in his playing. Of the members of the graduate eleven, Lake, Harding and Hallowell for their tackling, and McNear for his running, are worthy of special mention.

Two ten minute halves were played. In the first the graduates kept the ball well into the 'varsity's territory for a few minutes through Corbett's kicking and frequent fumbles by the 'varsity. The 'varsity then got to work and by steady rushes worked the ball down to the four yard line, when time was called. In the second half the graduates lost the ball at once on a fumble. The 'varsity worked it down to within two yards of the line when Wrightington fumbled. Corbett kicked and the 'varsity then did the best playing of the afternoon. Good clean rushes took the ball to the 15 yard line when Hoag broke through and made the only touchdown of the game.

The teams lined up as follows:


Emmons, left end, Upton.

Manahan, left tackle, Mason.

Acton, left guard, Warren.

Winslow, centre, Bangs.

Mackie, right guard, Highlands.

Newell, right tackle, Blanchard.

Stevenson, right tackle, Hallowell.

Fairchild, quarterback, Harding.

(Foster), quarterback, Harding.

Gray, halfback, Lake.

Wrightington halfback, McNear.

Hoag, fullback, Corbett.