All ninety-five men now trying for the CRIMSON Please be at Sanctum Monday at 2 p. m. 27 2t

ALL those desiring to join the H. A. A. may do so by signing the book at Thurston's.

A. H. Bullock.NO MORE back numbers of the CRIMSON can be furnished. 27 2t

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. There will be a shoot Monday afternoon, October 30, at 2.30. Match B will be finsihed, and matches C and D started. The Founder's cup will be shot for. 27 2t

THERE Will be a second trial of candidates for the freshman Banjo Club, Monday, October 30, at 7, in 18 Holworthy. Those who tried before need not come. 27 2t

'95 FOOTBALL.-The following men must have had luncheon and be at Leavitt and Peirce's at a quarter before twelve sharp. Grant, Cockrell, Livingood, Teele, Hartwell, Walker, Pierce, Mills, Floyd, P. Whittemore, Knapp, Hitch, Phelan, and Miller,

G. MURCHIE.'94 ELEVEN.-Following men be at B. and M. station, Western Div., Haymarket square, at 12.45 sharp: Lee, Williams, Cary, Saltonstall, McDonald, Bond, Wrenn, harding, Short, Cabot, Earle, Gardner, Borden, Garrison, Brooks, Harrison, and Hubbell. Get lunch first, and don's forget clothes.

R. B. BEALS.'96 ELEVEN.-The following men be at Thurston's at 1.15, prepared to go to St. mark's: Fox, Faxon, Hallowell, Lewis, Duff, Steadman, Stevenson, Didblee, Selfridge, Hayes, Harrison, Hamlin, Ingalls, Mann, Warren, Paine.

A. BORDEN.FRESHMAN ELEVEN.-All candidates be on Norton's at 2.30 sharp.

H. D. IRVING, Tem. Capt.ALL competing in fall games must be examined, and all, whether examined before or not, must get Dr. Sargent's permission to compete in their respective events.

H. M. WHEEL WRIGHT, Capt.25 3t

THE following men will please act as unshers in today's game" R. T. Lawrence, J. D. Hubbell, G. C. Lee, R. T. W. Moss, R. C. Grew, N. H. White, L. F. Foss, J. Caswell, E. H. Fennessy, R. Codman. They will please be on Jarvis at 2.15 Sharp.

DANIEL W. LANE.(Conitnued from first page.)