Graduate School.

The Graduate School has had a great increase in numbers. Last year there were 206; this year the preliminary statistics show 235. This is the largest relative gain made by any department in the University with the exception of the Lawrence Scientific School.

The school has surpassed even its former record in regard to the number of states represented. Among these are North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Utah, and Oregon. The presence of men from so many sections of the country does much to liberalize college sentiment. Moreover, the general character of the men who enter the school is such as perceptibly to raise the tone of scholarship here.

Men are admitted to the school, even if they are not graduates of other institutions, provided they show satisfactory evidence of being well advanced in a special study. On the other hand, the fact that a man is a graduate does not of necessity admit him to the school. He must have attained a standing equal to that of the junior class in the undergraduate department.

The class of students that comes to the school is not as a rule in easy financial circumstances, and it is to be regretted that there are not more scholarships and fellowships for the aid of such men.