Exeter-Andover Game.

The annual Exeter-Andover game at Andover on Saturday resulted in a victory for Exeter by a score of 26-10. The result was a surprise to Andover men in particular, who have been confident of Andover's victory since the academy eleven scored against the Harvard team.

Exeter, however was superior in weight and general team play. Too much credit cannot be given to the coaches, Mr. Gage and Mr. Reed. Neither side punted at all, and the game was marked almost exclusively by rushes through the line.

Exeter scored 18 points in the first half and 8 in the second. Both of Andover's touchdowns were made in the second half.

Twombly, Holmes, Baumer, Donovan and Smith played the best game for Exeter, and Manning, Rodgers and Letton deserve mention for their playing.

The men lined up as follows:



Bias, left end, Chadwell.

Holmes, left tackle, Gould. McIntosh.

Leahy, left guard, Murray.

Twombly, centre, Pierson.

Richards, right guard, Holt.

Scannell, right tackle, Rodgers.

Baumer, right end, Hazen.

Graham, quarterback, Glynn.

Proctor, Donovan, halfback, Manning. Durand.

Smith, fullback, Letton.

Touchdowns, Donovan 3, Holmes, Smith, Holt, Letton. Goals from touchdowns, Richards 3, Letton. Umpire, Mr. Charles H. Schoff. Referee, Mr. Gardner Perry. Time, 1 hr., 22 min. Attendance,4,000.