H. A. A. Notes.

On account of the snow and the fact that the hare and bounds have of necessity been discontinued, the Athletic Association has decided not to hold any cross country championship this year.

The next occurrence of interest to athletes will be the meeting in the B. A. A. gymnasium on the evening of Thursday, the 21st inst., when, as announced before, there will be contests in,- parallel-bar, pole-vault, standing three jumps, and a fifteen yards dash. All but the parallel bar are handicap. There will be no organized training here for these events, but any men who wish to compete can obtain entry-blanks from Mr. Lathrop.

The regular work of the Mott Haven squads will as usual begin immediately after the Christmas recess. Captain Wheelwright is very anxious to have the heavy men come out early in the year and train for the hammer and shot events. Last year Harvard experienced the humiliation of sending a team to New York with no one to contest in the hammer throwing and with but one man to put the shot. This would not have been so if some of the large men who started to train about two weeks before the games had come out sooner.

Of the 34 5-6 points won by Harvard last year, 19 were scored by men who have either not returned to college or are ineligible to compete again. That there will be a good chance for new men to make the team this year is evident.