Yale's Undergraduate Rule to Hold.

The Yale athletic controversy was settled last Friday, for one year at least, by a secret ballot held throughout the day.

On the question "Shall the acts and agreements of the athletic captains and managers be ratified and stand till Jan. 1, 1894?" the vote was: yea, 689; nay, 502.

On the second proposition: "Shall a committee composed of the captains and managers of the four athletic organizations, ex officio, and four members of the graduate departments be empowered to draft constitutions for the four athletic organizations, to be submitted to the university for ratification before Jan. 1, 1894?" the vote stood, yea, 982; nay, 201.

All the undergraduate departments gave a majority for both articles, while the graduate and professional departments recorded in every case majorities against both articles. This action recinds the vote of the last university meeting and saves the captains and managers the necessity of resigning.

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