Fact and Rumor.

In the recent notice of a prize offered by the Glee Club for a song, the word "Yale" should have been inserted.

The Catholic Chautauqua will give a course of thirty lectures at the next session of the summer school.

The annual banquet of the N. E. Club of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity was held in Boston Saturday night.

The University of Pennsylvania has arranged with Cornell for a four mile boat race to take place this spring.

There is a bill before the legislature of Illinois to lengthen the courses in the law schools from two to three years.

At the University of Wisconsin, a rank of eighty-five per cent. in daily or term work exempts a student from examination.

Prof. Baldwin of Princeton, late of Toronto University, will conduct the philosophical congress at the Columbian Fair.

Mr. Collier Cobb, formerly of Harvard, is now in full charge of the geological department at the University of North Carolina.

The alumni of the College of the City of New York have asked Mayor Gilroy for aid in securing them a new site for new buildings.

The Yale Preparatory School at Lakeville, which was closed for several weeks because of an outbreak of scarlet fever, has re-opened.

Prof. F. G. Peabody lectured Saturday night at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences on "The Correlation of the Social Questions."

Mr. J. H. Wigmore '83 and Law School '87, recently returned to Cambridge from Japan after teaching law in a university in Tokio for three years.

Two hundred thousand persons throughout England and her colonies, are taking instruction under the advantages offered by the University Extension.

Charles J. Adams of Drury College, Mo. has been elected professor of Greek, and Frank G. Moore of Yale, associate professor of Latin, at Dartmouth.

Prof. Charles H. Moore gave the first lecture in his course on Gothic architecture, before the Boston Art Students Association Saturday morning.

The World's Fair athletic grounds will seat 35,000 people, and contain a half-mile oval track, 440 yards with one turn, 220 yards and 300 yards straightaway.

Leland Stanford Jr. University, will this year follow the lead of Eastern Universities in opening a summer school - the first of its kind on the Pacific coast.

The candidates for the freshman base ball team of the Institute of Technology, held their first practice Saturday afternoon on the Congress street, ball grounds.

The first of a series of five long-distance handicap runs for candidates for the Yale A. A. team, was held Saturday. The course was two and a half miles long and was won by William Scoville, time 14m. with McKeever second. The winners in these runs will receive silver trophy cups.

At the annual dinner of the Harvard alumni of Chicago toasts were responded to as follows: "Harvard College" Prof. J. B. Ames of the Law School; "Harvard's Influence in the University of Chicago," Prof. P. Shorey of Chicago University; "Our friend the Enemy" Chester M. Dawes of Yale.