John G. Owens a third year student in the graduate School and the holder of the Hemenway fellowship died in Honduras, February 18, from malarial fever.

Mr. Owens graduated from Bucknell University, after which he entered the Graduate School here. He was a special assistant in the department of ethnology for archaeological work in Honduras and Guatemale. Last winter he was engaged as a member of the Peabody Museum Honduras expedition in exploring the ancient city of Copan and this winter was placed in charge of that work.

Mr. Owens was a most promising student, and held a high position among the American anthropologists. His death will be deeply felt by many.

FRANCIS OSMOND FRENCH '57.Francis Osmond French '57, president of the Manhattan Trust Company, died last Sunday at his home in Tuxedo.

Mr. French was born in Chester, N. H., Sept. 12, 1837. He prepared for college at Exeter and entered Harvard as a sophomore 1854. In 1862 he was appointed naval officer of customs at Boston and the following year was collector of the same port. In 1880 he retired from business, but eight years later accepted the presidency of the Manhattan Trust Company which he held until his death.