Inter-Class Track Rules.

The class games will be held April 29, and will be governed by the rules given below.

1. The cup shall become the property for a year of that class which shall score a plurality of points at a special meeting held every spring for the inter-class championship. This meeting shall be held at least one week before the 'varsity games.

2. The points shall be counted as follows: A first prize shall count five points; a second prize shall count three points; a third prize shall count one point.

3. In case of two classes scoring an equal number of points, that class which shall win the most first prizes shall be declared winner of the cup. In case there is still a tie second prizes shall count. If there is still a tie the upper class shall be declared winner.

4. These games are open to undergraduates, and special students of undergraduate department who shall compete for the class with which they enter.

5. The captains of the four class teams shall be appointed at least two weeks before the games by the captain of the 'varsity team.

6. Each captain shall furnish the Secretary of H. A. A. with a list of his entries at least four days before the games.

7. The drawings for the heats shall be done by the 'varsity captain and the captains of the class teams three days before games.

8. The officials for the games shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the H. A. A.

Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd men in each event.

10. The events, and the rules and restrictions for the events shall be the same as those adopted from year to year by the I. C. A. A. A. A. except as hereinafter specified.

11. The order of the events shall be as follows:

Track Events.120 yds. hurdle (trial heats); 100 yds. dash (trial heats); 2 mi. bicycle race (trial heats); 120 yds. hurdle, heat for 2nd men; 100 yds. dash, heat for 2nd men; 1 mile walk; 440 yd. dash (trial heats); 1 mile run; 120 yds. hurdles, (final heat); 100 yds. dash, (final heats); 2 mile bicycle run, (trial heats); 220 yds. hurdles, (trial heats); 220 yds. dash. (trial heats); 880 yds. run; 220 yds. hurdle, (final heat); 220 yds. dash. (final heat.).

Field Events.High jump, shot, hammer, broad jump, pole vault.

12. Each class shall be limited to four entries in the 100, 220, 440, yds. dashes; 120, 220 yds. hurdle; and the mile walk. In the other events to three entries.

13. In the order of starting in the preliminary heats shall be decided by lot: but no two men of a class shall compete in the same heat unless necessary to complete the heats.

14 (a) The 100 yds. dash and 120 yds. hurdle race winners of preliminary heats and the winner of the special heat for second men shall start in the final. (b) In the 220 yard dash, the 220 yards hurdle and the bicycle race, the winner of the preliminary heats and the second man in the fastest preliminary heat shall start in the final. (c) The 440 yards dash shall be run in one heat if there are not more than ten starters, otherwise four men shall constitute a heat. However, if there are less than three starters in the last heat, the referee shall consider the heat a walk over and place the starters in the other preliminary heats. The first and second men in the heats shall run in the finals (d) All the other events will be contested in one heat.

The class captains will be W. L. Thompson '93. H. M. Wheelwright '94, N. W. Bingham '95 and C. Brewer '96.