Today's Game.

Harvard will play Amherst at four o'clock this afternoon on Holmes Field. The game promises to be a very interesting one as last year, in the only game Played with Amherst, Harvard won by the score of 3 to 2 after 10 innings. This year Amherst has the same battery and several other old players. Harvard' s battery will be Wiggin and Upton. The teams will bat as follows:

Amherst Harvard

Chaney l.f. Hallowell c.f.

Allen C. Cook 3b.

Hunt 1b Hovery 2b.

Stearns 2b Abbott i.f


Smith c. f. Sullivan s.s.

Colby p. Frothingham r. f.

Landis s.s Trafford 1b.

Flechtner r.f. Upton c.

Ellis 3b Wiggin p.