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To the Editors of toe Crimson:

There is much talk about having a new dining hall, at which board is to cost from $2.50 to $3.50 a week. Why should we not have a dining hall, at which gives better food than Memorial and charges from $5 to $6 a week.?

The purpose for which the new hall is to be built, is to relieve Memorial Hall of the enormous mass of men that crowd the general tables; and this would be effected just as well by offering a hall to which the wealthier students can go. In fact many men now eating at private houses, would join the new hall if the food were better. That there is no demand for cheaper food than Memorial Hall offers is shown by the fact that the Foxcroft Club has no waiting list, as the CRIMSON stated yesterday morning. Would it not be expedient for the Corporation to canvass the college to find out what men would be willing to join a new hall when the board, although more expensive, would be better than at Memorial?

Respectfully.FRITZ V. BRIESEN: