SENIORS who have not yet received their Commencement Parts from the Committee may get them at the office.

THE following men be at Leavitt's at 12 sharp to go to Exeter: Gonterman, Hayes, Hapgood, Winslow, Paine, W. Clark, Wadsworth, Adams, Reed, Henry.

R. E. PAINE.CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. - Regular meeting, to-morrow evening at 6.45. All members of the University are invited.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. - Gould, Gibson, Heckscher and Sargent must be at Leavitt's at 5 minutes of one sharp to go to Wellington.

C. B. PIKE, Capt.The following seniors who have not sat for their pictures are urged to do so at once: Baxter, Blake G. B. Broughton, Brown P. T., Brice, Burrows, Clagstone, Connolly. Cushing, Dibblee, Dunn, Folsom, Frantz, Griswold, Grant, Guerin, Hall S. P., Hamblin, Heard, Hughes, Hunt, Highlands, Jose, Kelton, Keyes, Little field, Luce, Mendel, Ninde, Ordway, Pearson, Porter C. H. Perkins Roberts, Schrader, Shaw H. G. Sibley, Stearns F. St. J., Steans W. B. Stetson, Turner, Williams F. J. Wrenn E.

ON Thursday, June 1, the class groups will be made at the rear of Memorial. The senior class at 1.15 p.m., the freshman class at 1.45 p.m.

ENGLISH C. - All fourth forensics except those which were handed in late will be returned to the writers on Monday, May 29, at 2.30, in Lawrence 1. Late forensics will be returned on a day to be announced in the CRIMSON and on the bulletin board in Sever Hall. Writers of late fourth forensics must hand in their fifth forensics on time.

Fifth forensics will be due Thursday, June 1, and fourth forensics should be left in the box at Sever 10 on that day.