Interscholastic Sports.

Hopkinson's School Wins, Scoring 34 Points.

The eight annual championship meeting of the New England Interscholastic Athletic Association was held yesterday afternoon on Holmes Field, under the auspices of the H. A. A. The day was pleasant, and a large number of spectators were present. The track was in perfect condition. The meeting was the most exciting and closely contested ever held. Ten records were broken. From the beginning the fight for the championship was between Hopkinson's School and the Worcester Academy and it was not until after the last event that the victory for the former was decided. On the whole the meeting passed off fairly quickly though several events lagged. The records broken were the 120 yards hurdle, bicycle race, 440 yards dash, 880 yards run, 220 yards hurdle, 220 yards dash, throwing base ball, running high jump, putting the shot, and the pole vault.

The first event was the 100 yards dash. Owing to the large number of entries this event was run in five heats, the final heat, owing to a lack of good judgment, was declared a tie and was run over again. This time Clark, W. A., and J. S. Clark, E. H. S., were again tied. J. S. Clark, however, refused to run it over, so Clark, W. A., was given first place, J. S. Clark, E. H. S., second, and Bigelow, W. H. S., third, time 10 3-4 seconds.

The next event was the 120 yards hurdle. In the final heat of this race, Hoyt, R. L. S., took first place, Hallowell, Hop., second, and Lundgren, B. H. S., third. Time 17 2-5 seconds.

In the one mile bicycle race Liffer, Alland Fenner, W. A. Fouled in the first heat and were allowed to enter the finals. This event was one of the most exciting of the day. In the final heat Mansfield, Wal., took the lead at the start and kept it until near the finish when Buck, Hop. making a good spurt passed him and took first place, Mansfield second, Wisner, E. H. S., third. Time 2 minutes, 42 1-5 seconds.

The 440 yards dash came next. The first heat was easily won by Mansfield, Bk. The second, however, was very close Gaskill, W. A. winning with difficulty. In the final heat the men ran well together. Hull, W. A. won first place, Gaskill, W. A. second and Mansfield, bk. third. Time 53 1-5 seconds.

The one mile walk was one sided and uninteresting. Delaney, W. H. S. easily won first place. Lockwood, W. A. took second and Beals, Hop. third. Time 7 minutes, 55 2-5 seconds.

In the 220 yards low hurdles the men were rather unevenly matched. In each heat the winner seemed to have little trouble in getting away from the other runners. The final heat was won by Stevenson, op. Hallowell, Hop., got second place and Bigelow third. Time 27 3-4 seconds.

Much interest was shown in the 220 yards dash, inasmuch as the final heat of this event was run last and would decide the championship for either Hopkinson or Worcester Academy. In the final heat six men ran. The race was exceedingly close, Hill, Hop. managing to forge ahead in the last few feet taking first place. M. Clark, W. A., second, Grosvenor, W. A., third. Time 23 1-5 seconds.

About twenty men started in the 880 yards run. The men ran in fairly good form and several finished close together. Winner, Wesson, W. A.; Hull, W. A., second and Cunniff, B. L. S. third. Time 2 minutes 6 seconds.

The throwing the base ball was easily won by Russell, All., who threw 369 feet 2 inches. This breaks the record by 19 feet 8 inches. Paine, Hop. took second place, distance 350 feet 1 inch. Gordon, W. A. got third place, distance 332 feet 1-4 inches.

The running high jump was won by Paine, Hop., height 5 feet 7 3-4 inches, second, Hoyt, R. L. S., height 5 feet 6 3-4 inches, Third, Abbott, W. A., height 5 5 1-2 inches.

Driscoll, B. H. S., won the shot putting, distance 36 feet 9 1-2 inches. Second, Paine, Hop. distance, 33 feet 4 1-2 inches. Third, Morey, B. L. S., distance 31 feet 6 1-2 inches.

In the running broad jump Driscoll, B. H. S., won first place, distance, 20 feet. Second, Paine, Hop., 19 feet 10 inches. Third, J. Clark, E. H. S., distance 19 1 1-2 inches.

Driscoll, B. H., won throwing the hammer, distance 90 feet 11 inches. Second Macy, W. A., distance 82 feet 7 inches. Third, Paine, Hop., distance 80 feet 4 inches. The pole vault was won by Hoyt, R. L. S., height 10 feet 6 3-4 inches. Second, Hallowell, Hop., height, 9 feet 4 1-4 inches. Third, Curtiss, W. A., height, 9 feet 1 inch.

Below is printed a summary of the contesting schools with the points won by each; a first counting 5, second 2 and a third 1.

School 1st. 2d. 3d. Total.