News from New London.

The second budget of news from New London is printed below.

On Monday several of the crew had examinations so they did not row until after twelve. The men went down the river two or three miles and returned. In the afternoon at about five took a longer row.

The sun was so hot in the middle of the day that they could not do very hard work. There was a shower early in the afternoon which cooled the air somewhat. Nelson Perkins went to Cambridge Monday night. Tuesday was cloudy most of the time.

The crew is improving slowly and getting together a little better, but the watermanship is still very poor. Columbia freshmen have been at New London several days and are working as long as they usually do.

Yale rows out about nine in the morning. They can take their examinations whenever they wish, that is, at any time of the day. The Yale substitutes follow the men around as usual. The Harvard substitutes go out in the four oar with the crew. Richardson stroke, Eddy 3, Miller 2, Blake bow. The men are up in weight and feeling well. The water has been very smooth and the conditions are very favorable for rowing. The course was flagged Tuesday.