Yesterday's Football Practice.

The work yesterday by the candidates for the 'varsity eleven was by far the best and most encouraging that has been done this year. The men played with a snap and earnestness that is entirely new for so early in the season and at times the work was very good.

A regular practice game was played, the two elevens being made up as follows:


Emmons, left end. Brewer.

Beal, left tackle, Bond.

Warren, left guard, Laimbeer.

Lewis, centre, Grant.

Shea, centre, Grant.

Mackie, right guard, Connor.

Johnson, right tackle, Teele.

Stevenson, r. e. Whittren. Wrightington.

Fairchild, quarter, Gould.

Foster, quarter, Gould.

Gray, half backs, Gleason. Jackson.

Dunlop, half backs, Gleason. Jackson.

Beall, half backs, Gleason. Jackson.