Special Notice.

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. L. J. Chandler's Dancing Class, Tuesday, at 8 p. m. Odd Fellows' Hall, Cambridgeport. Private lessons. 1y

TUTORING and preparation for midyears. Latin, Greek, French, German, Spanish.

M. E. GILL '90, 36 Mt. Auburn St.94 12t

A FORMER instructor in Economics in Harvard is willing to assist a few students in Economics 1 who wish to do thorough work in the text of Mill. No mere coaching for examination, however, will be undertaken under any circumstances. Address, P. E., Box 2414, Boston, Mass. 74 tf

TUTORING in Mathematics A, B, E, F, 2, 4, and 5.

S. KIMURA, GR., 19 Hilliard St.78 3t

TUTORING in Math. A, Math. D, Physics B, Chem. A, Engineering A. Call or write.

A. E. DOUCETTE.42 Kirkland St., one block from Memorial. 79 2t

TUTORING in Spanish, Italian and French. Honorable mention in Spanish and Italian, '89.

J. D. PRINDLE, A. M. '91, 36 Mt. Auburn St.74 8t

STUDENTS can obtain board at general tadle at $6.00 per week. 75 8t 126 Mt. Auburn street.

THE Cambridge Safe Deposit and Trust Co., at No. 424 and 426 Harvard St., cor. of Linden, transacts a general banking business. Checks will be cashed on any Bank or Banking House in the U. S. and interest is allowed upon daily balances subject to cheek. Special attention given to accounts with officers and students of the University. Banking hours 8 to 2. Safety Vaults open from 8 a. m. to 2, and 5 to 6 p. m. tf

TUTORING in Semitic 12, Latin 10, Government and Law 1, History 1, 10, 11, 12, Philosophy 5.

W. W. NOLEN, 2 Manter Hall.78 tf

TO LET.- Desirable front dining room for club table. Also seats at general table. 97 Mt. Auburn St.

TUTORING.- Math. A, Greek A, B, C, D, and Latin A, B, C, D.

HAROLD W. LORKER '95, 43 Thayer.