PHILOSOPHICAL CLUB.- There will be a meeting of the Philosophical Club tonight at 7.30 in Grays 47.

EMIL GOLDMARK, Sec.THE Shakespeare Club will not meet again till Wednesday night next. Then some of Shakespeare's contemporaries will be read.

T. CLEVELAND, JR., Sec.'VARSITY MUSICAL CLUBS.- Members can secure tickets for the Annex Glee and Banjo Clubs concert, January 18, at the Annex. Price $1.00 each.

FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- All men taken on for further trial meet at 16 Read's, at 6.30 tonight.

HARVARD Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Meeting tonight at 26 Felton Hall, with J. H. Pierce. All members of the fraternity not already members of the association are also earnestly urged to be present.

RUFUS W. STIMSON, Sec.HARVARD SPARRING CLUB.- All members who wish to take sparring lessons are requested to sign the book at the club rooms as soon as possible.

H. LINDEN, Sec.SIGNET.- The third seven from ninety-five will be initiated on Friday, January 12, at 9 o'clock. All past members are cordially invited to be present.

ANDOVER CLUB.- Regular meeting, Friday, Jan 12, at 7.30 p. m., in 44 Thayer Hall. Every member of the University who ever attended Phillips Academy is invited to be present.

NINETY-FOUR CREW.- All candidates will be in the gymnasium dressed to row at 5.15 p. m. today.