Special Notice.

DURING January Messrs. L. P. Hollander and Co., of 202 Boylston Street, and Park Square, will take orders in their tailoring department at greatly reduced prices, and offer great bargains in Ready-made Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Etc.

TUTORING and preparation for mid-years. Latin, Greek, French and German.

M. E. Gill '90, 36 Mt. Auburn St.92 4t

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. L. J. Chandler's Dancing Class, Tuesday, at 8 p. m. Odd Fellows' Hall, Cambridgeport. Private lessons. 1y

TUTORING in Semitic 12, Latin 10, Government and Law 1, History 1, 10, 11, 12, Philosophy 5.

W. W. NOLEN, 2 Manter Hall.78 tf

WE have a lot of 8x10 size photographs of the football game at Springfield, also a 11x14 of the U. P. vs. Harvard on Jarvis Field which we would like to dispose of. A liberal discount from regular prices will be given.

PACH BROS.C. J. DORN, guitar soloist, will receive engagements, also pupils. Apply at Evan's House, 175 Tremont street, Tuesdays, 3 p. m. Mr. Dorn's repertoire is very extensive. Concerts and private musicales. ws

GERMAN A, 1a, 1b, 1c, 2, 3, 5, 6; French A, 1a, 2, 6; Chem. 1. Tutoring.

WILLIAM F. BOOS, 12 Weld.92 3t w th s

TUTORING at Cambridge.- Math A, B, C, D, E; Physics 1; Geol. 4; German A; French A.

WM. J. HENDERSON (A. B. '93). BOX 305 Newton Centre, Mass.92 3t

A FEW more canvassers can find profitable employment taking orders for "The Book of the Fair." This is a superb work. For particulars address

E. B. HALL, 15 State St., Boston.ECONOMICS 1.- Full notes upon Professor Ashley's lectures (required for the mid-year examination) may be had at Thurston's.

THE man who took a hat not belonging to him in Oak Grove Farm Wednesday morning can obtain his by applying at 5 Beck.