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The board of editors of the CRIMSON for the next half year will be:

N. W. BINGHAM, JR., '95, President.

E. V. FROTHINGHAM '96, Managing Editor.

F. J. MAHONEY '97, Secretary.

E. H. Warren '95. J. D. Greene '96.

J. K. Whittemore '95. H. R. Storrs '96.

D. W. Fenton '95. R. K. Fox '96.

W. Emerson '95. F. A. Burlingame '97.

E. R. Mathews '96. M. E. Stone, Jr. '97.


N. W. Bingham, Jr. J. D. Greene.

J. K. Whittemore. R. K. Fox.

With the election of new officers we make one change in the management of the paper which has been contemplated for a long time. Experience has shown that the chief objection to the existence of a college daily comes from the amount of time which it demands from a few of its editors. The appointment of an editorial committee is made with a view to lessening this evil.