Cross-Country Run.

The third cross-country run in the history of the Harvard Athletic Association was successfully held yesterday afternoon. J. L. Coolidge '95 led all the way and came in first by a margin of 45 seconds. Eight men started and followed the paper trail, which had been laid out in the morning. It was the usual cross-country course, about five and one half miles in length, and led up North avenue to the clay pits, where the men lost the trail, taking a different course to Fresh Pond. Circling the pond, the trail went across the fields down the railroad tracks to Brattle street, down Mason street, finishing in front of the Law School. As Coolidge came into Brattle street, Hinckley was second, with the other men well up, but in the spurt the first six men finished in the following order:

1. J. L. Coolidge '95, 34 min. 32 sec.

2. C. D. Drew '97, 35 min. 17 sec.

3. H. G. Whitman L. S., 35 min. 25 sec.

4. F. C. Hinckley '95, 36 min. 7 sec.


5. A. Ingraham '96, 37 min. 25 sec.

6. F. P. Smith '97, 37 m. 56 sec.