Ninety-Five, 8; Ninety-Eight, 0.

The seniors won the class football championship yesterday afternoon in a well-earned victory, defeating the freshmen by the score of 8 to 0. Soldiers Field was covered with snow, and with the cold wind blowing across the grounds, it was impossible to play good football, much fumbling resulting. Considering the harsh weather, a considerable number of supporters turned out and often the enthusiasm of the seniors led them to get in the way of the players. This is the first time ninety-five has won the football championship, although the class team has been in the finals for the last three years. It was almost entirely a kicking game in which both fullbacks did clever work, but Jackson's punting outclassed Fincke's at every kick. Most of the rushing was done by the seniors, who had possession of the ball the greater part of the game. The rushes were mostly directed at ninety-eight's centre, although some gains were made through tackles, by the ends rushing with the backs. Hitch and Miller played very well and seldom failed to make the required gains. Potter was everywhere and tackled in brilliant style. The ends were we 1 guarded by Whiteside and Davis. In fact, the whole line was strong. Cabot rushed well for the freshmen and Fincke played a good all round game. Hennen held the centre fairly well, although he was outclassed by Doucette's superior weight. Scott's passing was good but Knapp was more accurate and made fewer fumbles. The feature of the game was the punting and rushing of Jackson, who made both touchdowns. Both scores were made in the second half.

Ninety-five started the game with the kick-off. After three downs, Fincke was forced to kick and the seniors got ten yards for interference with Davis, who dropped the ball. Ninety-five lost on four downs and Fincke kicked to Jackson. Hitch went through the centre for five yards. The freshmen got the ball on a fumble at their five yard line and Fincke gained ten yards by the criss-cross play. On the next play Knapp blocked the kick, Fincke falling on the ball. The next punt landed the ball at the middle of the field. Successive rushes by Jackson, Hitch and Miller carried it to ninety-eight's one yard line, where the freshmen held strong and got the ball on four downs. From a fair catch by Jackson, Pierce attempted a goal, and by an exchange of punts the seniors lost twenty yards. Time was called with the ball on ninety-five's forty yard line.

At the opening of the second half Jackson returned Fincke's kick-off. Redpath ran around right end for fifteen yards. The freshmen were forced to kick and the return punt brought the ball to their ten yard line, where the seniors recovered the ball on four downs. On the next play Jackson ran around left end for the first touchdown. Pierce failed to kick the goal. A double exchange of punts, with Miller's fifteen yard run and Hitch's gain through the centre brought the ball to ninety-eight's ten yard line, where Potter broke through and tackled Cabot with a loss. After four downs the seniors took the ball. Hitch went through the centre for five yards and Jackson went over the line for the second touchdown. No goal.

The teams lined up:



Davis, l.e. r.e., Bull.


Teele, l.t. r.t., Holmes.

Thompson, l.g. r.g., Woodward.

Doucette, c. c., Hoague.

Potter, r.g. l.g., Bouve

Pierce, r.t. l.t., Fuller.

Whiteside, r.e. l.e., Woods.

Knapp, q.b. q.b., Scott.

Jackson, h.b. h.b., Cabot.

Hitch, h.b. h.b., Redpath.

Miller, f.b. f.b., Fincke.