Special Notice.

HARVARD men are delighted with the stock of suitings shown by Mr. D. Toy at 71 Beacon street, Boston. Those who wish exclusive styles will do well to call.

31 tfPEABODY CLUB. - Rooms for club table, seats at general table; also suite of furnished rooms for rent.

66 6t

126 Mt. Auburn St.CHEAPEST and Best Holiday Rates to Chicago, St. Louis and all other points in N. Y. and the West via Fitchburg, West Shore and Nickel Plate, or via Grand Trunk and Wabash, or via D. & H., Erie and C. & E. Railroads. Apply to


68 3t

11 Stoughton.Hours, 9.45-10.30 a. m.; 7.30-9 p. m.

LOST. - On Harvard Street, between Ware and Holyoke, bank book, containing two New York drafts and two checks, name Alfred P. Hibard. Finder return to Cambridge Safe Deposit and Trust Co., and claim reward.

A CLUB table can have board, after Christmas, at Mrs. M. E. Brown's 48 Brattle St.

68 3tFIN DE SIECLE CLOTHES. - Special prices for students.



125 Tremont St., Boston.BELCHER'S Dining Room, Lyceum Building, Harvard square. Board $7.00 per week.

6 tfHOLIDAY RATES. - Round trip tickets to all points west of Albany via B. & A., N. Y. Cent., Lake Shore & Mich. Southern, Mich. Cent., P. & L. E., C. C. C. & St. L. railroads at 1 1-2 regular single rates, can be obtained at 36 Thayer.

Hours 10-11 a. m., and 6-7, 30 p. m.

Berths reserved.