University Organizations.

Buffalo Club.

A large majority of the Buffalo men in college formed themselves into a Harvard Buffalo Club last night. The object of the club is to promote and strengthen Harvard interest in Buffalo. The club is not founded on a social basis, but intends to work along lines which will be most effective in encouraging more Buffalo men to come to Harvard. To accomplish this object it is proposed to circulate Harvard papers and magazines among the different Buffalo schools and to provide for publication of newspaper articles written by different members of the club.

The following officers were elected: President, D. W. Fenton '95; vice-president, C. N. Wheeler '96; secretary, J. Lord O'Brian '96; treasurer, S. Kellogg L. S. S. The executive committee is composed of the officers and Willis Munro '96, member at large.

Harvard Union.The Harvard Union will debate tonight in Sever 11 at 7.30 o'clock. Subject: "Resolved, That civilization will be advanced by the victory of Japan in the present war." The principal disputants are: Affirmative - J. Hewins '96 and C. Dickinson '96. Negative - C. E. Bryan '96 and F. H. Smith '96. The debate is open to the public.


Christian Association.The election of officers announced for the meeting of the Christian Association in Holden Chapel last evening, was postponed until next Thursday.


Camera Club.Last evening the Harvard Camera Club gave an exhibition of a set of English lantern slides, the prize set of 1892. There were also a few slides from Albany and Portland, besides many foreign views. The portraits and a few of the sea views were especially fine. There was a large audience, which showed itself thoroughly appreciative.

Wendell Phillips Club.William Lloyd Garrison will deliver an address in Harvard 1, 8 p. m., on "Wendell Phillips and the Orators of His Time." After the address a reception by the club will be tendered Mr. Garrison, at 24 Walter Hastings.

Folk Lore Society.At the regular meeting of the Harvard Folk Lore Society, Mr. Kidder gave two interesting stories showing the peculiar mythology among the Ojibway Indians resulting from French-Canadian influence; one "The Beauty of the Prairie," and the other "The Story of the Cedar Knife." Mr. Hisa added a primitive Japanese legend entitled, "The Shining Princess."

Deutscher Verein.The Deutscher Verein held its first open meeting of the year last night. Professor Schilling gave a talk on "Hans Sachs" and read several poems and short comedies of the old German poets. The meeting was brought to a close with the singing of German College Songs.