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During the week, cases have multiplied of the premature removal of placards from the bulletin boards. The Civil Service Reform Club and the Glee Club both report that their notices were torn away before the meetings announced were held. In fact, some of the Glee Club notices were allowed to remain in their places hardly a single hour.

Such acts are not evidence of a lively sense of honor. The placards are a recognized means for announcing college events, and their removal is a clear subtraction from the chances of success with which these events will be held. A man has no more right to attack the prosperity of college institutions in this than in any other way. The custom of adorning walls with such placards, harmless as it may be when placards are obtained after they have served their usefulness, now threatens to become ominous for college interests. It is to be supposed that some premature removals will be made by men who are regardless of all other interests than their own, but we fear that lately other men have committed the offense who are not regardless, but simply thoughtless. If such men once look at the matter frankly, they must see its real import and relegate it to sneaks.

A handball tournament is being held at Cornell.

The Harvard and Princeton baseball associations have arranged the following games: May 5, at Princeton; May 30, at Cambridge; June 2 (in case of tie) place undecided.

The Oxford and Cambridge crews are now hard at work training for their annual race which takes place March 17. The average weight of the Oxford crew is 170 lbs., and that of the Cambridge crew 163 lbs. Cambridge is rowing in better shape and the odds are at present in her favor.