Chess and whist Club.

In the second round of the whist tournament each couple plays every other couples in its section will enter the third round. Tie matches will not be played off, but will count one-half a point for each couple. All results must be handed to G. B. Wilson, Holyoke 19, by six o'clock, Monday, March 26. It is important that play begin at once, for no extension of time will be given.

Following are the drawings for the second round:

Sect. I. 1 S. M. Ballou, L. J. Malone. 2 H. H. Cook, S. M. Friedman. 3 E. H. Brown, E. W. Ryerson. 4 D. Tooker, R. L. Manning.

Sect. II. 1 C. B. Earle, F. F. Dresser. 2 C. L. Bremer, E. H. Clark. 3 C. D. Booth, W. T. Denison. 4 T. Parker, A. S. Williams.

Sect. III. 1 T. G. Vail, J. W. Peck. 2 G. Gray, J. T. Whicher. 3 G. L. Paine, S. H. Dunn. 4 B. C. Jutten, E. A. Howes. 5 G. B. Wilson, W. Hoag.


Sect. IV. 1 F. Katzmann, F. H. Rathburn. 2 J. F. Crosby, W. F. Williams. 3 S. M. Merrill, P. W. Whittemore. 4 A. D. Salinger, W. T. Gunnison. 5 W. B. Aspinwall, C. S. Barrell.

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