'Varsity Nine.

The candidates for the nine are being dropped gradually as they show their unfitness for further trial. The number has now been reduced to twenty-five, exclusive of the battery candidates, all of whom will be retained for the present to give the men practice in batting.

It has been definitely decided not to take a spring trip and few games with outside teams will be played during the vacation, most of the time being given up to team practice. Col. Winslow, Clarence Smith, and Captain Frothingham, Abbott and Sullivan of last year's team will all be on hand to coach the men.

Of the men now on the 'varsity squad fourteen are trying for battery positions, fifteen for the infield, and ten for the outfield. Cook has not yet begun practice but will come out later.

The men still at work are: Catchers-J. Corbett '94, G. S. Henry '96, E. E. Clark '94, W. J. O'Malley '96, D. D. Scannell '97, A. A. Morton '96.

Pitchers-A. A. Highlands '94, E. W. Ames '96, C. J. Paine '97, D. T. Perry '97, W. B. Huyler 1 Med., A. T. Harris '97, E. K. Bowser '96, J. Wiggin L. S.


First base-A. Dickinson '94, E. W. Griffin '97, R. C. Thomas '96, E. N. Lacey L. S.

Second base-W. P. Hapgood '94, J. B. Lowell '94, J. J. Hayes '96, E. S. Dodge '95, W. D. Sporborg L. S. S., J. P. Phelan '95.

Shortstop-P. W. Whittemore '95, F.B. Whittemore '96, E. J. Flynn Sp., B. F. Linfield '94, G. E. Brown Sp.

Third base-A. N. Winslow '96, R. H. Stevenson '97.

Outfield-M. G. Gonterman '96, R. E. Paine '94, E. I. Manley Gr., L. M. Bigelow '95, W. L. Garrison, Jr. '97, H. Anderson '97, H. Selfridge L. S. S., A. Harding '94, L. B. Murdock '96, E. E. McCarthy '96.