Entries for the First Winter Meeting.

The entries for the first winter meeting of the H. A. A. closed last night. In addition to the regular events, N. Kishimoto, Gr., will give an exhibition of Japanese top-spinning, and a team of men from the Turn Verein will give an exhibition on the parallel bars. It is also expected that Sweeney will come over and make another attempt to break his own high jump record. The entries for the meeting are:

Running high jump. Invitation handicap (6 in. limit).- W. D. Rising, Newton A. A.; H. M. Wheelwrigt, H. A. A.; J. L. Bremer, Jr., H. A. A.; E. H. Clark, H. A. A.; A. Stickney, Jr., H. A. A.; G. L. Chaney, H. A. A.; W. E. Putnam, Jr., H. A. A.; S. M. Merrill, H. A. A.; P. C. Stingel, Cambridge; M. H. McComber, Brown A. A.; C. J. Paine, H. A. A.

Parallel bars.- J. Staab '95.

Broad-sword.- R. B. Merriman '96.

Tumbling.- J. Staab '95, A. A. Bryant '97, W. E. Putnam, Jr., '96, N. Kishimoto, Gr., R. C. Skinner '97, C. B. Earle '94.

Potato race.- E. H. Clark '96, Francis Mason '96, H. T. White '97, F. L. Huidekoper '96, P. da S. Prado '96, A. R. Wendell '96.

Spring-board leaping.- E. H. Clark '96, L. B. Shoenfeld '95, Francis Mason '96, W. E. Putnam, Jr., '96, N. Kishimoto, Gr.

Fencing.- R. B. Merriman '96, J. P. Parker '96, A. G. Thacher '97, J. E. Hoffman '96.

Horizontal bar.- K. K. Kubli, L. S.

Club swinging.- V. M. Hillyer '97, J. F. Rogers '97.

10 yds. dash.- H. M. Wheelwright '94, A. R. Wendell '96, E. H. Clark '96, M. Green '96, Francis Mason '96, W. E. Putnam, Jr., '96, Emil Goldmark '94, F. L. Huidekoper '96, W. F. Garcelon, L. S., F. McCarthy '97, C. Lawrence Smith '97, F. A. Dorman '94, I. S. Clark '97, P. da S. Prado '96, J. P. Whittren '95, A. Dyrenforth '96, C. E. Smith '95, R. C. Skinner '97, I. Brayton '96, E. A. Brown, Jr., '97.