THERE will be a special business meeting of the Harvard Union this afternoon at 1.30 o'clock in 26 Grays Hall. Important.

S. E. JOHNSON, Sec.SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS.- Every one, who has not sat, must sit this week. It is important that all photographs should be taken before April 1.


H. A. A.- All members of the University who have not yet joined the Association are urged to do so at once at Thurston's, or with secretary at 44 Weld; hours, 11-12, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

WELD BOAT CLUB.- The boat house at the foot of Boylston street is now open. Any member of the University can secure a ticket entitling him to all the privileges of the club by paying $5.00 to the secretary or at Thurston's. Locker tickets are $1.00 extra. Secretary's office hours, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 10 to 12, at 61 Hastings.