HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Important rehearsal at 5. Every one must be present.

W. D. BROOKINGS, Leader.HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- There will be a shoot this afternoon at 2.30. The handicap match will be continued and a special match started, if there are enough entries.

PIERIAN.- Meeting this evening at 7.

H. L. PRESCOTT, Sec.HARE AND HOUNDS.- The winners in the Hare and Hound runs last fall can get their prizes at Leavitt and Peirce's.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal in Roberts Hall for present club at 4.30.

J. D. GREENE.'VARSITY GLEE, BANJO AND MANDOLIN CLUBS.- Concert this evening in Brattle Hall at 8. The following members of the Glee Club will please come: Flint, Greene, W. H. Jones, White, Metcalf, Morgan, Johnson, Ryerson, R. C. Thomas, H. F. Taylor, H. C. Taylor, Miller, Porter, Sharp, Bell, Wrenn, Frothingham, Harvey.

J. D. GREENE.ALL candidates for the cricket eleven will be in the Carey Building cage today dressed to play at 4 p. m.

P. H. CLARK, Capt.47 tf

THE annual concert of the Harvard Glee Club for the benefit of the Prospect Union will be held in Union Hall, Cambridgeport, on Tuesday, April 24, at 8 o'clock. It is hoped that a large number of students will go. Tickets now on sale at Thurston's. tf

H. A. A.- All members of the University who have not yet joined the Association are urged to do so at once at Thurston's, or with secretary at 44 Weld; hours, 11-12, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.