The May 5 Handicaps.

Although the entries for the May 5 games of the H. A. A. closed on Saturday many of the entries from out of town did not arrive until last night. The meeting promises to be the biggest affair of the kind ever held on Holmes Field Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, M. I. T., B. A. A., and Worcester A. C. will all send teams.

In the hundred yard dash the Harvard sprinters will have a chance to measure their strength with such men as Pond of Yale, Marvel of Brown, Bigelow of Worcester and Keane of the B. A. A.

Among the entries in the quarter are Claggett of Dartmouth, Chubb and Jordon of Yale, Hall of Brown, and Keane, Bannister and Rowe of the B. A. A.

In the 880, Brown will send up three men, Jones, Aldrich and Dorance. B. A. A. will enter Blake, Bannister and Rowe, and Delaney and Lohnes will run for Worcester.

Yale has one man, Brainard in the mile run and has entered Thrall for the mile walk.

The hurdles should be very exciting, Lord and Hurd of the B. A. A., Chase of Dartmouth, and Hatch of Yale are among the outside entries.

In the bicycle races, Marmon, B. A. A., Angell of Brown, and Glenny, Brewster and Hill of Yale will ride.

In the weights, Brown enters a team of five men. Long of the B. A. A., and Brown of Yale are among the other entries.