Changes in the 'Varsity Crew.

The 'varsity crew has at last received the much talked of skake-up, and as a result only two men in the boat retain the seats they occupied on last Wednesday. These two are Fennessy at stroke and L. Davis at No. 6.

The order in which the crew rowed last Wednesday was: Bow, Purdon; 2, F. Davis; 3, Townsend; 4, Bullard, 5, Blake; 6, L. Davis; 7, Waters; stroke, Fennessy. On Thursday Blake was taken sick, and was laid off. Waters was put in his place at No. 5 and Purdon was moved to No. 7. Perkins, the coach, rowed bow. This order prevailed for the rest of the week.

Yesterday, besides many changes of men already in the boat, Forbes, Lewis and Stevenson, all of the '96 crew, who had been taken to the 'varsity trainning table, were tried. The crew on starting out rowed in the following order: Bow, Forbes; 2, Bullard; 3, Blake; 4, Town-

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