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To the Editors of the Crimson:

At dinner Wednesday evening a vote will be taken of the members at the general tables at Memorial Hall, that the board of directors may ascertain the sentiment of those members in regard to the change in seating arrangements now being considered by the board.

The change voted by the last board of directors is that during the year '94-'95 there be strictly two men to a seat at the general tables, and at each of the club tables two or three extra men, according as the present seating capacity is twelve or fourteen.

According to the recent vote of the Corporation there is to go into effect next September a change by which all the tables are to become club tables, with one and one-half men to a seat, this arrangement to be permanent unless found unsatisfactory.

For the information of the members of the association the board of directors wishes to state a fact not generally known-that since the introduction of general tables not one man in three has succeded in joining a club table.

L. A. AMES, Sec'y of the Board of Directors.