St. Mary's A. C. Handicap Games.

The St. Mary's Athletic Club will hold its first spring handicap meeting on the Congress street baseball grounds, Boston, on Saturday, May 19, at 3 p. m.

The events contested will be as follows: 130 yards dash, 440 yards run, 3-4 mile run, 2 mile run, 120 yards low hurdles (10 hurdles 2ft. 6 in. high), running high jump, running hop, step and jump. Three prizes will be given in each event.

There will also be a team race open to all schools and colleges. The distance will be 2400 yards, each relay being 600 yards. Two sets of prizes will be given if three teams run.

The entrance fee for teams will be $1.00; for other events 50 cents per man for each event.

All entries will close on Friday with J. H. Clansen, Box 3422, Boston.

As it was through the courtesy of the St. Mary's Athletic Club that the Harvard Athletic Association was enabled to have the date May 5 for its invitation handicap games, Captain Wheelwright and Mr. Lathrop hope that as many men as possible will enter these games.