'92 Dining Club in New York City.

The New York City members of the class of '92 held their third semi-annual dinner at the Hotel Marlborough in that city on Friday night, May 25. There were about twenty men present and the dinner proved a most enjoyable one.

There was an unusually large number of New York men in the class of '92 and the plan for organizing them was first proposed in the spring of 1893. The first dinner was held on May 6, 1893 and the second on the night before Thanksgiving last autumn. At that time it was decided to hold the dinners semi-annually, one on the night before the Mott Haven games in the spring and the other on the night before Thanks giving. Almost every New York member of the class has joined the association and many men who live in the suburbs are also members. The dues are merely nominal,- something like one or two dollars a year to pay for postage, while the dinners are subscription.

The organization of '92 men has al-

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