Radcliffe College Elective Pamphlet.

The pamphlet containing the announcement of the courses of instruction at Radcliffe College for the year 1894-95 will be issued within a few days. In the make-up of this new pamphlet the plan of the Harvard College pamphlet has been followed, and the method which is used in the University, of numbering and lettering the courses has been adopted.

The pamphlet begins with a list of the instructors in Harvard College offering courses in Radcliffe College, and this list comprises no less than eighty-five Harvard professors and instructors. The courses of study announced are most of them identical with courses which are offered or have been offered in previous years in Harvard College.

To the departments of Ancient Languages, four graduate courses in Semitic Languages, four courses in the IndoIranian Languages, one course in Greek, and seven courses in Latin, have been added to the list of the current year.

In the English department the only changes from last year are, the addition of English 22 to the list of courses; the omission of English 11, 8 and 9 for the year 1894-95; and the dropping of English 17 from the list.

The departments of German and French are essentially the same as in the pamphlet for last year. In the year 1894-95 German 9 will be omitted owing to the absence of Professor Francke. French 1b has been added to the list, and French 3 will be omitted.

The Italian and Spanish departments have been enlarged and the courses completely changed. This year they offer five full courses instead of three as in the current year.

The Philosophical department offers several new courses, and omits several of those which were given in the current year. Phil. 2, 3, 9, 12 and 13 have been added, while Phil. 4, 8 and 11 have been dropped from the list. In this department also four new courses of research primarily for graduates have been added.

The Historical Department has been increased by the addition of five seminary courses, corresponding to Hist. 20a, b, c, d and e in Harvard College.

An entirely new department of Government and Law has been established almost identical with that of the University, and consisting of four undergraduate and four graduate courses.

The courses offered by the other departments are only slightly changed from those of last year, with the exception of those in Mathematics, which have been increased by mine new courses.